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Why Ariana is Silent on Raj Tarun - Lavanya Episode?

9 Jul, 2024 11:48 IST|Sakshi Post

Ariana Glory came into the picture after Raj Tarun's Ex-girlfriend mentioned her name in the list of the flings the actor had. 

Recently, Raj Tarun's ex-girlfriend accused him of infidelity, claiming he had a habit of having relationships with actresses. She sparked controversy by naming several individuals in the film industry, including Ariana Glory.

The outspoken anchor has now become embroiled in the dispute, with the ex-girlfriend asserting they met for just one day but had a relationship spanning a few months. According to her, they had a brief affair during her three-month stay in Goa for a course. "This was supposed to be a secret, but the actor's manager told it to me," she claimed.

The actor denied all the allegations that the ex-girlfriend made, counterclaiming she was the one who was addicted to drugs and had affairs...Anchor Ariana Glory remains silent and updates her travel stories through her Instagram posts. Currently, she is spending her time in Missouri, the USA.

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