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We are happy that our film SIT is trending in the top 5 on ZEE 5: Director Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy 

28 May, 2024 18:56 IST|Sakshi Post

The film S.I.T (Special Investigation Team) starring Arvind Krishna and Natasha Doshi was directed by Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and produced by S Nagi Reddy, Tej Palli, and Guntaka Sreenivas Reddy. This movie has been streaming on ZEE 5 since May 10th. The crime, suspense, and thrilling elements in the movie have awestruck the OTT audience. Director Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy expressed happiness as this movie is getting a superb response. He recalled his journey in the film industry, on the occasion.

“I was born and brought up in Kadapa district. I did my schooling and college education there. We are a joint family. We were all together in one place. I know the plight of farmers. My father made sure all of us were educated so that we would not suffer the hardships he faced. After completing graduation, I came to Hyderabad. At that time, I took coaching for ICET and DF-Tech courses. I did an MPA from Central University. After that, I entered the industry. I have worked with various directors as an assistant and co-director.

I am making my debut as a director with the movie SIT. My family doesn't want me to get into movies. But my elder brother stood by me. I was able to stay in the industry because of him. I have been in the industry for fifteen years. This project started with funding from my degree friends. They suggested to me that it would be better if this story was made into a film rather than a web series. Nagi Reddy and Bal Reddy have been encouraging me from the beginning. We met producer Teja in Vizag through a friend. Srinivas, Ramesh and we all together made this movie.

Arvind Krishna acted brilliantly in this film. I will never forget his contribution. Natasha also played her part well. I was able to make this movie so well with the help of actors and technicians.

This movie has been made for OTT since the beginning, so we released it on the streaming platform. Finally, our movie has arrived on OTT. The movie is getting a good response. Everyone is enquiring about the second and third parts. It seems that the movie has got pan-India reach. Currently, our film is trending in the top 5 position on ZEE 5. I am very happy with such a great response.”

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