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Tollywood Titans: Stars Riding Brandwagon and their Earnings

25 Feb, 2024 17:44 IST|Sakshi Post

The celebrities in the glittering world of Tollywood are not just performers; they are brands, living examples of charm and charisma. Here every scene is a spectacle, and every conversation is a catchphrase. 

In a recent move that highlights the power of celebrity branding, South Indian superstar Mahesh Babu has reportedly secured a staggering Rs 5 crores for lending his voice for a mere 5 second snippet. The agreement, reached with digital payment platform PhonePe, highlights the growing trend of companies leveraging the enormous influence wielded by celebrities to boost brand appeal.

Nevertheless, Mahesh Babu is not the only actor profiting from his star power; these are the top actors in Tollywood and their purported earnings from brand endorsements. 

Here comes Allu Arjun, the personification of swagger and style, swaying his way onto our screens and into our hearts. With partnerships ranging from Aha to Zomato, Bunny's brand portfolio has grown from four to eight crores, demonstrating his superiority in terms of commercial clout.

Vijay Deverakonda, the rebel with a cause and a killer smile. From Fast-Track watches to Samsung smartphones, Lux innerwear to Shyam Steel, this heartthrob has turned his charisma into money, earning anywhere between one and four crores per endorsement.  

Next up is Nani, the boy-next-door who has a talent for stealing scenes and hearts. Minister White or Minute Maid, this versatile actor effortlessly slips into any role, commanding a paycheck ranging from one to four crores. Rumours suggest that closeup is considering Nani to make their brand ambassador.

Then there's Ram Charan, the powerhouse performer with a penchant for versatility. He is the current man in commerce, as evidenced by the brand endorsements that have taken him from four to eight crores, from Meesho to Manyavar.

The man with a gleam in his eye, Jr. NTR, is an actor who brightens the silver screen. Whether it's McDonald's or Malabar Gold and Diamonds, this actor's endorsements range from four to eight crores, cementing his status as a brand powerhouse.

Prabhas, the darling of the masses and the behemoth of Baahubali fame. Even though his current brand portfolio is unknown, there are rumours that his endorsement deals have brought in seven to fifteen crores, demonstrating his star power.

In the glamorous world of Tollywood, the earnings displayed here are liable to fluctuate, but the rise in brand endorsements is more than just a passing fad, it is a monument to the timeless charm of films and the ageless charisma of their leading men. Here's to the titans of Tollywood, stepping across sound waves and screens with voices that both reverberate in our hearts and our wallets.

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