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Single Screen Cinemas To Be Shut Down for 10 Days!

15 May, 2024 12:45 IST|Sakshi Post

In a shock to movie lovers, the Telangana Theatres Association has decided to shut down the single-screen theatres across the state for 10 days. This is due to the lack of enough content to feed the cinemas. In the absence of new film releases, the Theatres Association is forced to make such a decision to save the single-screen theatres' owners from running into any losses.

However, this is a temporary 10-day closure. This decision is a result of the current situation in the Telugu states which has been impacted by ongoing political fever in the Telugu-speaking states. Typically, Summer is a big season for cinemas as major films get released attracting large audiences and generating substantial revenue in this season. But elections and the political atmosphere have played the spoilsport. As a cautious approach, filmmakers and distributors, who are concerned about the fewer footfalls from the political atmosphere, have led to a noticeable shortage of prominent film releases.

In response to the lack of new content, cinema owners have made the decision to temporarily close their establishments, hoping for a swift change in circumstances. The closure of these single-screen theatres not only underscores the intricate relationship between politics and the entertainment industry but also highlights the significant impact such dynamics can have on local businesses and the cultural fabric of the region. As the days without new releases continue, both cinema owners and movie enthusiasts eagerly await a resolution that will bring the vibrant world of film back to the big screen in Telangana.

Meanwhile, multiplexes are going to continue since they compensate with other language films.

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