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​​​​​​​'Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame' Will Appeal to All Sections of the Audience: Producer Rachala Yugandhar

19 Jun, 2024 18:02 IST|Sakshi Post

'Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame' is an upcoming love and action entertainer starring Suman Tej and Garima Chauhan in the lead roles. The film is produced by Rachala Yugandhar under the banner of Dream Gate Productions. Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame directed by Satish Paramaveda is getting ready for its theatrical release on the 21st of this month. In anticipation, producer Rachala Yugandhar shared insights about the film and his journey in the industry.

*What is your background? How did you get into the film industry?*
I have always had a passion for movies, which led me to pursue a career in the film industry. My journey began as a co-producer for the film 'Ooriki Uttharana'. Due to certain circumstances, I ended up releasing that film myself. It was during this time that I met Satish, the director of "Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame."

*How did 'Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame' started?*
I was deeply impressed by the filmmaking process in the Ooriki Uttharana. I admired Satish's approach to directing and was eager to collaborate with him again. When Satish narrated the story of Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame, I was captivated. That's how the journey of this movie began.

*Tell us about the cast of 'Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame'.*
Suman Tej and Garima Chauhan are newcomers. I founded this organization to promote fresh talent, and I wanted to make a film with new faces. Both Suman Tej and Garima Chauhan have delivered outstanding performances. Gagan Vihari, who plays the villain, has also received praise for his role. Recently, Gagan Vihari played as villain in "Gangs of Godavari."

*How is the story going to be? Will this generation like it?*
The story of "Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame" is timeless and will resonate with audiences of all generations. Good stories always find appreciation, and we believe in the strength of our film's narrative. We are confident that everyone will enjoy this movie.

*Tell us about the technical team that worked on this film.*
Charan Arjun's songs have already become chartbuster hits. Parusuram's cinematography is exceptional in capturing stunning visuals. We shot a song on a grand scale in Goa, sparing no expense. Dragon Prakash, who is busy with films like "Pushpa 2" and "Devara," has choreographed the action sequences, which are a highlight of our film.

*The locations look great in the trailer. Where was the film shot?*
We filmed in various beautiful locations around Palamuru district. The visuals of Somasila are particularly stunning. We also shot significant episodes at the ancient temples of Jataprol and Srirangapur, which added to the film's aesthetic appeal.

*Finally, what can you say about the movie 'Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame'?*
These days, it's rare to find a movie that the whole family can enjoy together. Most films are commercial  entertainers or action films. Our movie is one that families can watch together comfortably. It is free from any uncomfortable content and is filled with various emotions that will resonate with everyone.

*What are your future projects?*
Currently, all our focus is on the release of "Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame" on June 21. After the release, I will announce our future projects. We have three projects lined up, and I will share the details soon. Moving forward, our production company will continue to create films that promote new talent and provide opportunities for talented debutants.

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