Rudram Kota Movie Review

22 Sep, 2023 17:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Cast: Jayalalitha, Anil Arka Kandavalli, Alekhya, Bachi, Ramya and others
Writer-Director: Ramu Kona
Music Directors: Subhash Anand, Niranjan
Cinemaographer: Adimalla Sanjeev
Fight Master: Joshua
Dialogue Writer: Ranga
Editor: Avula Venkatesh

'Rudram Kota' was released in theatres today (September 22). The title itself sounds quite majestic. The word 'Rudram' entails a strong emotion. And the word 'Kota' is often associated with royalty and nobility. How is the movie? Let's check out in our review:


The story is set in a remote village named Rudram Kota. Kotamma (Jayalalitha) lords over the village as the ideal elder. Rudra (Anil Kandavalli) is an orphan and is Kotamma's trusted soldier. Shakti falls in love with Rudra. Kotamma's granddaughter, who arrives in the village as a guest, lusts Rudra. 

In a shocking turn of events, tragedy strikes the key characters, including a murder attempt on Kotamma. Who are behind the mysterious incidents? How are Kotamma and Rudra going to face the demons? That's what the film is about.


Anil Kandavalli is not only the film's male lead but is also its producer. He looks raw and rugged for the most part of the movie. In the climax, he shows his heroism. Jayalalitha, the senior character artist who has played negative roles in several films, dons a dignified role in 'Rudram Kota'. She is a treat to watch.

Alekhya, seen as the modern woman, looks hot in that one intimate song. Vibhisha Jaanu as Shakti looks like the perfect Telugu girl from a village. She is cute in half-sarees.


'Rudram Kota' is a quintessential village-based film with themes of revenge, moral policing, and an authoritarian figure at the helm. Writer-director Ramu Kona's narration is focused. He doesn't stray from the central theme.

The second half takes on an expected note. The duet involving Rudra and Shakti is inspired. Post that lovely song amid green bushes, the plot thickens. The climax involves a dose of violence.

Joshua's fights are regular. Adimalla Sanjeev's cinematography is average. The music directors do a good job. There are no scenes that are meandering in nature. A flashback that talks about the childhood of Rudra is compelling.


Focused narration.
No unnecessary elements like forced comedy.
The love track between Rudra and Shakti.
Themes like morality and discipline.


Alekhya's city-bred character could have been show in a better way.


'Rudram Kota' makes for a good watch. Its budget is not high and there are no grand visuals. But the story and screenplay respect the audience's tastes.

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