RGV's Reaction When MM Keeravani Dubs Him As First Oscar

26 Mar, 2023 14:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Maverick film director Ram Gopal Varma reacted after RRR composer MM Keeravani called him his first Oscar.

Reacting to Keeravani’s recent interview, the filmmaker took to Twitter to write, “Hey ⁦@mmkeeravaani⁩ I am feeling dead because only dead people are praised like this 😢😩😫"

In the interview, music director MM Keeravani opened up about the time when he was new in this industry and called Ram Gopal Varma his first Oscar.

Talking to Galatta Plus, he said, “Let me tell you something Bharadwaj garu. Ram Gopal Verma was my first Oscar. Now I received the Academy Award in 2023, it is my second Oscar. Let me tell you why. Because like all the people I approach around 51 people, they might have… some of them might have thrown my audio cassette into the trash can… never heard me… who cares? A stranger approaches you and asks you to listen to his tune… some of them might have liked it but they are not interested. But that was my merit."

“Ram Gopal Verma gave me a chance to work for his movie Kshana Kshanam, but he was the ‘Siva’ Ram Gopal Verma… Siva played an Oscar role for him because it was his first movie being a mega-hit. And Ram Gopal Verma played an Oscar role in my career. He was my Oscar. So, who is this Keeravani, who is this person… you never heard of him. But Mr Ram Gopal Verma is working with him now. That must be something. Book him, come on! Let’s have him for our project also. That’s how Ram Gopal Varma’s association helped me in getting more chances. That’s how he helped me a lot,” he added.

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