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Review: O Manchi Ghost

21 Jun, 2024 16:33 IST|Sakshi Post

O Manchi Ghost, starring Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, Nandita Swetha and others, is playing in theatres. We hereby analyze the movie: 


Chaitanya (Rajat Raghava) is arrested by the police for throwing dung on the poster of MLA Sadashiva Rao (Nagineedu), who is his uncle. Chaitanya accidentally comes across a Muslim woman (Navami Gayak), Laxman (Naveen Neni) and a ghost-hunter (Shakalaka Shankar), who too have been detained by the cops for different reasons. Each of them is facing financial problems. In order to make a quick buck, they join hands and kidnap the MLA's daughter Keerthi (Nandita Shweta) to demand a ransom. They take her to a haunted bungalow where they have a new visitor in the form of a magician named Aathma Rao (played by Vennela Kishore).

While the bungalow already houses a resident ghost, Keerthy is also possessed. To add to the woes of the four kidnappers, they believe that Aathma Rao, too, is a ghost.


Nandita Swetha is talented and her inspired performance is a value-add. Navami Gayak stands out with her screen presence; she can suit hot roles. Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar provide relief with their comedic timing. Naveen Neni, Rajath Ragava, and Raghu Babu deliver solid performances in their supporting roles. Nagineedu and Bahubali Prabhakar fill their roles as Keerthy's father and a resourceful ritualist, respectively.

The film is helped by effective casting. The padding provided by the ensemble cast  is of utmost importance. 


Director Shankar K Marthand's film attempts to elevate the horror-comedy genre by introducing a double dose of ghostly activity. This premise suggests an amplification of the comedic potential inherent in the genre's tropes. The film manages to generate some chuckles through specific situations.

Thanks to the creative storytelling and eccentric situations, the film avoids tedium. While Anup Rubens' background score might not be particularly innovative, it remains inoffensive in its lack of intrusive loudness.

The struggles of the four characters are established well at the beginning. This keeps the viewer invested throughout. The second half is rich in superior-quality episodes with the entry of a couple of new characters.

Producer Dr. Abinika Inabathuni ensures that the visuals are strong. The director's treatment is not experimental and prioritizes the entertainment quotient more. The visuals, thanks to cinematographer I Andrew Babu and the graphics team, are decent.


'OMG' is the kind of timepass horror-comedy you will love to watch with your friends and family.

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