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Review: Antima Theerpu

22 Jun, 2024 13:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Antima Theerpu, directed by A Abhiramu, is playing in theatres. The film stars Sai Dhanshika, Vimala Raman, Ganesh Venkat Raman, Sathya Praksh, Amit Tiwari, Deepu, and Naga Mahesh in different roles.


Two of Durga's daughters are kidnapped in their own home. The story explores who did it, how it happened, and the final verdict from the court. Durga (Sai Dhanshika) is a housewife living happily with her husband. For Durga, her mother and her two sisters mean life. One day, they go missing. Durga files a police complaint, and Satya Prakash is seen playing the role of a police officer who investigates the case. The story then takes many twists and turns.


Sai Dhansika of 'Kabali' fame delivers a superb act. She is immensely watchable in the sentimental and emotional scenes. "You don't have to worship us, just treat us as humans," she says in a heart-rending court scene. Vimala Raman gets to play the right kind of role. Satya Prakash is competitive. The two young actresses who play the sisters are also very good.

'Atima Theerpu' is elevated by consistently good performances throughout.


The film incorporates a variety of thrilling scenes in a variety of backdrops. Scenes unfold at the police station. There are courtroom scenes. There is media coverage and other elements also kick in. Vimala Raman portrays a significant character. The movie features a nail-biting interval bang, a thorough pre-climax, and a climax that forms the main highlight.

The film boasts realistic rural locations. Sai Dhansika is happy to have been given a performance-oriented role. Satya Prakash's return to acting with an author-backed role is noteworthy.

Director A Abhiramu keeps the story engaging throughout. The film doesn't get tedious anywhere. He effectively captures the emotional intensity of the narrative. The courtroom scenes are well-executed. The locations and costumes are alright.

Technically, the editing, the cinematography, the music, the songs, and the background score are all spot-on. Koti's music, Garry BH's editing and the commoner-policemen clash are done well. Kasarla Shyam and Vanamali have penned the lyrics. N Sudhakar Reddy's cinematography is a plus.


Those who like fresh stories should definitely watch this movie.

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