Regional Cinema Not Replacing Bollywood: Anand Pandit

8 Dec, 2022 16:20 IST|Sakshi Post
Anand Pandit

Veteran producer Anand Pandit said that regional cinema is not replacing Bollywood but getting the attention it deserves. Comparisons are odious and regional blockbusters are good news for the industry as a whole. Ever since the pandemic hit, the global entertainment industry has had to face multiple challenges. The Hindi film industry too has suffered an extended lean patch and has been compared disadvantageously to a string of regional blockbusters like 'Pushpa-The Rise', 'RRR', the 'KGF franchise, and 'Kantara.'

Among many leading pan-Indian producers today is industry veteran Anand Pandit who has already delivered hits like 'Fakt Mahilao Maate'  in Gujarati and is looking forward to the Marathi horror comedy  'Victoria' this month. He is also producing a Kannada action period drama 'Kabzaa' starring Upendra and Kiccha Sudeepa. He says, "Having worked for decades in Hindi films as a producer, I am very excited to now collaborate with other industries and create cinema that cuts across linguistic barriers."

About the constant comparisons between regional cinema and Hindi cinema, a veteran, he says, "Regional cinema always had a distinct identity and even today, its role extends far beyond just being the counterpoint to Hindi cinema. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam films are unique in the way they tell stories and we are very fortunate to have so much variety in the Indian film industry."

He feels comparisons between any two industries are odious and says, " I feel the success of one industry automatically does not predetermine the failure of another. Regional cinema is not replacing Bollywood but  getting the attention it deserves across India and in overseas markets."

Pandit says he is not surprised that regional cinema is growing exponentially and explains, " Regional films are succeeding because they are combining authentic story-telling with world-class technical finesse.  Regional blockbusters are good news for the industry as a whole because they are adding to the talent pool,  economic well-being, and diversity of the Indian film industry.   I feel it is time to come together to celebrate each other and co-create rather than compete."

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