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Rashmi Gautam feels Hindu sentiments have been hurt

18 Jun, 2024 11:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Rashmi Gautam has been taking pro-saffron ideological stances for years now. Lately, she has once again become active on social media.

Recently, Rashmi came across a disturbing video (source and date unknown) depicting the butchering of a sheep on which the name Ram was written. She found the act highly inflammatory.

A few social media users started accusing Rashmi of peddling a communal narrative. At this, Rashmia said that the actual Arabs don’t even consider Indian Muslims as one of them. "Somehow, your community has managed to more than sustain itself here in India only because India is Hindu-majority and we are liberal. Also because we recognize the fact that you too have the Hindu DNA," Rashmi wrote.

She added that the forefathers of Indian Muslims were Hindu. "Due to circumstances, they had to convert (to Islam). Hindus are the reason this country is secular," she added. 

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