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Raj Tarun Got Me Abortion: Ex-Lover Lavanya's Shocking Allegation

10 Jul, 2024 12:57 IST|Sakshi Post

Actor Raj Tarun and his ex-lover Lavanya's case is witnessing several turns and twists. In a dramatic turn, jilted lover Lavanya made a sensational allegation against Raj Tarun whom she claimed as her husband and live-in partner for 11 years. Lavanya alleged that she got pregnant and she underwent an abortion with Raj Tarun's insistence. She claimed to have submitted the "medical documents" to the Narsingi police where she had filed a case against Raj Tarun. She made a fresh complaint to the Narsingi police.

Lavanya revealed that she lived with Raj Tarun with the name of "Anvika" and went to foreign countries with him on this identity. Lavanya alleged that Raj Tarun has been ignoring her after his alleged affair with co-actress Malvi Malhotra. She also claimed that Raj Tarun had married her in a temple and stated that there were no proofs for it.

It can be noted that Raj Tarun called Lavanya as a "liar" and claimed innocence. He also stated that he will soon file a legal case against Lavanya for defaming him. He further alleged that he will speak up with his legal advisor. He alleged Lavanya of demanding money.

More details are awaited. Raj Tarun is yet to respond to Lavanya's latest allegations. Meanwhile, actress Malvi Malhotra (who is acting in Tiragabadaraa Saami movie) has filed a police complaint against Lavanya in the Film Nagar police station.

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