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Producer Naga Vamsi, Vishwak Sen defend Balakrishna's behaviour

30 May, 2024 13:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Did Nandamuri Balakrishna turn up for the recent Gangs Of Godavari event after consuming alcohol? The question has been asked by Netizens after a video clip in which a water bottle with alcohol in it went viral on social media.

As per producer S Naga Vamsi, the video was distorted by mischief-mongers. He today implied that the so-called alcohol bottle was the result of Computer Graphics! 

The producer also supported Balakrishna pushing Anjali during a photo-op on the stage. "It is but natural for us to push those with whom we have personal rapport," Naga Vamsi said, suggesting that Balakrishna and Anjali share a certain level of comfort.

Actor Vishwak Sen, too, seemed to agree with Naga Vamsi. The duo found fault with others who have been raising a hue and cry over Balakrishna pushing Anjali disrespectfully.

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