Prime Video’s New Tamil Series Engga Hostel

24 Jan, 2023 08:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Prime Video recently announced Engga Hostel, a Tamil version of the much-loved and popular Hindi youth comedy-drama series – Hostel Daze. Created by TVF, the series captures fun and relatable situations from the students’ lives, as they struggle with identity, friendship, love, life, and academics. The trailer has left the audience intrigued, as the launch of the series gets closer. And we’re here to give you a quick peek into the eccentric and lovable goofs of Engga Hostel.

Chithappu, played by Avinaash Ramesh, is mischievous, carefree and a tyrant but with many secrets up his sleeve. A senior by age but in the same class as the freshers, due to his antics and authoritative behaviour, Chithappu is disliked by a majority of the students and staff. And it’s only by a turn of events that Chithappu could find a ragtag to get along with in the hostel

Sacchin Nachiappan who plays Ajay in the series, is a cheeky-yet-innocent lad who gets caught up in the juvenile hazing of Chithappu but eventually becomes the most important student amongst the boys. 

Ahaana, played by Samyuktha Vishwanathan, is the only student from North India in the entire college, which makes her the centre of attention, more so because of her beauty and intelligence.

Saranya Ravichandran as Raja is a sweet, naive Tamil girl who initially seems terrified and intimated but evolves into a charismatic, and bold individual who can easily deal with any situation. 

Goutham Raj plays Senthil, is the best-friend of many, due to his excessively helpful and caring nature. An innocent, smart, and friendly soul, who everyone in the hostel turns to for guidance, notes, and tuitions. 

Jeya Veera Pandiyan aka Pandi is played by Dravid Selvam, the son of an influential father, but aspires to become an entrepreneur. Mocked, and pranked for his garish fashion choices, Pandi gels well with the eclectic bunch, forming a closely knit group. 

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