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Padmavyuham lo Chakradhari Movie Review

21 Jun, 2024 18:49 IST|Sakshi Post


This story takes place in a village in Rayalaseema. Chakri (Pravin Rajkumar) works in the IT sector in the city and lives with his friends. Around the same time, Sathya (Sashika Tikku) arrives in Hyderabad from Chakri's village to find a job. Chakri helps Sathya get a job, and the two become good friends, eventually falling in love. However, Sathya unexpectedly quits her job and returns to the village. Upon learning this, Chakri leaves his job and follows her.

Srinu (Mahesh Vitta), Chakri's friend from the village, works as an electrician. Chakri plans to meet Sathya with Srinu's help. Padma (Ashu Reddy) is a school teacher in the same village. Her husband, Koti (Bhupal Raj), is a drunkard. The bank manager, Prasad (Madhunandan), also becomes a drunkard due to past events that led him to develop hatred for the villagers.

Why did Padma turn Koti into a drunkard? What is the bank manager's real past? What the consequences of the conditions put forth by Chakri's father? That's what the story is about.


Praveen Rajkumar, despite being a debutant, delivers a captivating performance. He excels in the love scenes and the songs, and his action sequences are commendable. He undoubtedly has a promising future in cinema. Sashika Tikku shines as the heroine, particularly captivating the audience with her eyes and expressions in romantic scenes. She perfectly embodies Telugu sensibilities and this movie is sure to solidify her place in the industry.

Ashu Reddy portrays a grounded character, playing the role of a mother. Muralidhar Goud delivers a convincing performance within the confines of his character. Mahesh Vitta shines as the comedic relief, and Madhunandan impresses with his portrayal of a character with two distinct facets.

Technical Aspects:

The dialogues penned by Darshan suit the rural setting. G Amar's cinematography is commendable. The background music is effective. Among the songs, Suvvi Suvvi is particularly noteworthy. The editing could have been tighter in some parts.


The very word "Chakravyuham" in Telugu has specific connotations. The story of the film under review explores how a well-known 'chakra' becomes entangled in a maze and whether he finds an escape route. The story starts in the city and then shifts to the countryside. The introduction of all the characters in the first half is neat, complete with comedy.

The love element has been established well in the first half. The lead pair's relationship and the dynamics involving them are narrated with conviction.

The comedy remains consistent throughout the second half. After the reunion of the lead pair, Satya's father lays out the qualities he desires in a son-in-law, sparking another conflict in the movie. The audience is then introduced to bank manager Prasad, whose transformation upon learning the truth and his own flashback love story add another layer of interest. The chemistry between the lead couple is evident, and Kittu's character, while entertaining, evokes anger from the audience for his on-screen actions. The entire second half is filled with emotions without sacrificing the comedic elements. The songs are also entertaining.

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