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Nindha should become a milestone film in Varun Sandesh's career: Nikhil Siddharth at the pre-release event 

17 Jun, 2024 09:46 IST|Sakshi Post

Varun Sandesh starrer 'Nindha' is produced and directed by Rajesh Jagannadham under the banner of The Fervent Indie Productions. A Kandrakota Mystery is the tagline of the movie based on true events. The film is releasing on June 21st. Mythri Movie Makers is releasing this movie in the Nizam area. The film’s pre-release event was held on Sunday. Hero Nikhil Siddharth was the chief guest for this event.

 While speaking at the event, Nikhil Siddharth said, “The audience should encourage the movie 'Nindha'. The film is going to be released on June 21st. The media and audience should support it. Like Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya for me, Nindha should become a milestone film in Varun's career. Everyone will enjoy watching Nindha. Everyone will talk about Rajesh. Varun Sandesh will definitely score a hit with the movie Nindha. They have made the movie with good production quality. Everyone should watch the movie and make it a big success.”

 Varun Sandesh said, “I feel very proud to see Nikhil's growth. Nikhil and I did Happy Days together in 2007. Then I was 17. Again, after all these years, we came together on the same stage. Almost half of my life has been spent in the film industry. My wife Vithika has been by my side for the past seven years. No matter what I do for her, it will be less. Nindha is a film that is very close to my heart and soul. I have done many films till now. But I never felt like this. Rajesh who leads a very comfortable life has produced and directed this movie with a passion. He has such confidence in this story. He crafted it with a lot of guts and confidence. The entire team also worked in sync. Everyone put in a hundred percent effort. We have shown this film to some people in the industry. After that, our confidence grew. I am happy that Mythri Movies is releasing our movie. Rajesh became like a brother to me during the journey of this film. We completed the shooting in fewer working days. I continued to shoot for the movie despite injury, only for Rajesh. After this film, Rajesh will continue to do more projects. He will become a good director and producer in the industry. Ramiz's camera work is amazing. Santhu Omkar’s music, RR is very intense and impressive. Anil's editing is superb. Shreya, Annie, and Madhu acted brilliantly. I proudly say that, after Happy Days, Kotha Bangaru Lokam, Yemaindi Ee Vela, Nindha will be my next big hit. My grandmother watched this movie. This movie will be liked by all sections of the audience. Our film is coming on 21st June. Everyone should watch and support it.”

 Director and producer Rajesh Jagannatham said, “Thanks to Nikhil for coming to our event. I was able to make a movie because of the support of my parents and wife. I am very satisfied after seeing the output of this movie. That seemed to be my success. Chinna Rao stood by me and guided me. Sirisha helped me in writing. Thanks to my direction team. Music Director Santhu, Editor Anil, and Cameraman Ramiz are the main pillars of this film. Thanks to Assistant and Associate Directors. Every actor will be remembered for their respective roles. With this film, I got a brother like Varun. He is a very nice person. He will make a strong comeback with this movie. Our film is coming on 21st June. Everyone should watch and support it.”

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