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'Music Shop Murthy' is a film that can be enjoyed with the entire family: Director Siva Paladugu 

12 Jun, 2024 15:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Ajay Ghosh and Chandini Chowdary played the lead roles in the upcoming movie 'Music Shop Murthy'. Harsha Garapati and Ranga Rao Garapati produced this movie under the banner of Fly High Cinemas. Siva Paladugu has written and directed this movie. 'Music Shop Murthy' is slated to release on June 14. Meanwhile, director Siva Paladugu interacted with the media. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

 Tell us about your background and film journey: 
I hail from Vijayawada. I worked in the USA. Harsha became a good friend there. I did my diploma in direction course in America. My first film opportunity came very easily. Everything happened very easily as my friends were producers.

 Why was Ajay Ghosh chosen for the story of 'Music Shop Murthy'? 
If I tell the story of a young guy, it will become routine again. To bring freshness, I wrote the story of Music Shop Murthy. I thought Ajay Ghosh would be a good choice for this story. I know he can emote emotions wonderfully. When the movie was in proposal, Pushpa wasn’t released. But I felt he could essay this role effortlessly.

 What is the significance of Chandni Chowdary's role? 
The movie starts with Chandini Chaudhary's role. Her character creates a lot of impact. Anjana brings a big change in the life of Murthy which will take the film forward. Chandini Chowdary played the character of Anjana brilliantly. She got due priority in this movie.

 Did you do any research on the music for this film? 
We have done a lot of research on music. We have researched everything from the music of yesteryear generation to today's trendy music. Pawan provided wonderful music. Every song is situational.

 Were there any budget issues? 
I did not face any budget problems during the journey of this film. As my friends were producers, they trusted me and did not hesitate to spend what was required. However, there was no wastage.

 What kind of challenges did you face while filming your first movie? 
I got a good team. With the help of that team, I was able to make the film. But rather than making the film, the post production work, release and promotions seemed very difficult. Finally, our film is coming on June 14th. I’m very happy.

 Of late, big films are not doing well. How confident are you in your film? 
Now there is no difference between small and big films. Smaller films may not get great openings. But if there is strong content and emotions that connect with the audience, then small films will achieve big success. We have a lot of faith in the content and the emotions in our film. Everyone will like this movie.

 Chandni Chowdary's two films are releasing on the same day! 
Chandini Chowdary starrer Yevam is also releasing on 14th June. But the genre of our film is completely different. The target audiences are different for both movies. Our movie has family emotions that can be watched and enjoyed with family.

 Tell us about your next film? 
The fate of this movie will decide my next. I will announce my next projects depending upon the result of this film.

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