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Lavanya claims Raj Tarun had affairs with four heroines

9 Jul, 2024 09:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Lavanya, the estranged girlfriend of Raj Tarun, has been making allegations against the actor for the past few days. As per her, even when he was in a live-in relationship with her, he entered into a relationship with his co-stars.

As per Lavanya, Raj Tarun hooked up with Bigg Boss Telugu fame Ariyana Glory after meeting her for a one-day Ad shoot. He also had a relationship with Riddhi Kumar, his co-star in the film Lover. Shalini was another actress, as per Lavanya. Malvi Malhotra, the heroine of the soon-to-be-released Tiragabadara Saami, is also in a relationship with Raj Tarun, as per Lavanya. 

Of the four named by Lavanya, only Malvi has come out in the open so far to deny her allegations.

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