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Kajal Reveals the Reason for Decline in Roles!

22 May, 2024 15:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Veteran South Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal recently opened up about the challenges women face in the film industry after marriage and motherhood. Despite facing diminished roles, Kajal remains committed to her acting career and is currently promoting her upcoming thriller 'Satyabhama'.

In a candid interview with with YouTube channel PREMA The Journalist, Kajal shared her thoughts on the hurdles women encounter in the industry after tying the knot and having children. She revealed that she has lost out on projects after her marriage and childbirth, as the industry often assumes that married women with kids might not be as dedicated to their work.

The actress who married Gautam Kitchulu in 2020 and gave birth to son Niel in 2022 emphasized that becoming a wife and mother should not impact a woman's professional life. She stated that the real compromise often comes in sacrificing time with her child to maintain her career. Kajal stressed that her energy and commitment to her craft remain unchanged despite her new roles.

While acknowledging the industry's bias, Kajal noted that the situation is slowly improving as more women stand their ground and prove their capabilities. She believes that with the support of her family, she can continue to thrive in her career.

Kajal also shared that feels a responsibility to empower and positively influence future generations of actors. She believes it is crucial to guide the younger crop of actors and society in the right direction.

Currently, Kajal is gearing up for the release of her action murder mystery thriller 'Satyabhama' on May 31st, actively participating in promotional activities for the film.

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