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Janhvi Kapoor speaks out on her viral gym pics

26 May, 2024 18:39 IST|Sakshi Post

Janhvi Kapoor is primarily known for her glamorous image rather than her acting prowess. Multiple videos and photos of her frequently go viral on social media platforms, often captured by paparazzi outside her gym or at the airports, which can tarnish her reputation.

Currently, Janhvi is filming for the Telugu movie 'Devara' with NTR, and she's also cast as the lead actress in a project featuring Ram Charan and Buchi Babu. Her latest Hindi film, 'Mr & Mrs Mahi,' is scheduled for release on May 31. In the run-up to the movie's promotion, Janhvi has been actively participating in interviews, during which she has candidly discussed various aspects of her life, including her stance on revealing outfits.

Janhvi has expressed her willingness to invite photographers for film promotional events. However, she expressed her discomfort with being photographed without her consent, particularly while attending the gym in workout attire. She stated that she does not appreciate people commenting on her appearance in such casual outfits.

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