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Heroine Sneha Reveals Husband Prasanna's Love Breakup With Another Woman!

17 Apr, 2024 15:59 IST|Sakshi Post
Heroine Sneha Reveals Husband Prasanna's Love Breakup With Another Woman!

Yesteryear actress Sneha is known for her beauty and simplicity. She made her Tollywood debut with Priyamaina Neeku (2001) and went on to do some memorable roles in other movies like Hanuman Junction, Venky, Sankranti, Radha Gopalam, Evandoi Srivaru and Pandurangadu.

In 2009, Sneha worked with Prasanna in Tamil movie Achamundu Achamundu. They had acted as a married couple in the film. The dusky actress fell in love with the co-actor on the film sets and their love blossomed into a marriage in 2012. They are parents to a boy and girl. 

After marriage, Sneha turned into a character artist. She was last seen in a Telugu movie Vinaya Vidheya Rama in 2019. Recently, news reports emerged that the actress had ventured into a saree business

In a recent interview, she talked about the importance of trust and healthy possessiveness in a relationship. She said there should be a sense of possessiveness, but not to the point of being excessive or overbearing. Trust cannot be balanced if there is too much possessiveness. For example, constantly questioning your partner's whereabouts or activities can be problematic, like asking "Why are you going out? What will you do if you go at this time?" Such questions should not arise if there is proper understanding between partners. Couples should have faith in each other.

Instead, she suggests informing your partner about your plans beforehand, like saying "I'm going to a certain place and will be back by this time." Even after going out, checking in with your partner, like asking "Did you have lunch?" shows care and builds trust. Small gestures like these increase love and trust in a relationship. She admitted to being possessive when she first got married, but clarified that it didn't mean a lack of trust in her husband.

She also mentioned that her husband was previously in love with someone else, but they broke up. She didn't have an issue with that, as she likely wouldn't have met her husband otherwise. 

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