Filmmaker Srikanth Kandragula Aims to Score Pan India Success With Debut Tantiram

28 Sep, 2023 16:10 IST|Sakshi Post

Srikanth Kandragula SK, a passionate filmmaker and Indo-American entrepreneur, dons multiple hats in the entertainment industry. He earned his filmmaking degree from the New York Film Academy in 2017 and has since excelled as a filmmaker, producer, writer, and actor.

With the impending release of his film "Tantiram Chapter 1: Tales of Sivakasi" on October 6th, 2023, in five different languages, Srikanth, along with lead actors Srikanth Gurram, Priyanka Sharma, and Avinash Yelandur, is eagerly anticipating the audience's response.

The trailer and teaser for "Tantiram" have already piqued the interest of cinephiles, promising a spine-tingling and immersive supernatural journey. Srikanth recently spoke with Etimes to share his insights about the film.

Srikanth's journey into the world of cinema traces back to his childhood, and his filmography includes notable titles such as "Cyco" (2010), "Jessi" (2011), "Kismmises" (2012), and "Prema Entha Madhuram" (2012). In 2018, he founded CloudEnd Platform Inc., operating in both the United States and India. HE ALSO HAVE OTHER CHAIN OF BUSINESSES. Notably, Srikanth also directed "BIZZARD ENCOUNTERS" (2017) and is the visionary behind Cinema Bandi Arts and Talk of the TowWn, contributing significantly to Telugu cinema. He also wrote a book called "A SPICY LEMONADE" which was quite an interesting art work.  

In addition to "Tantiram," Srikanth has also produced "A Masterpiece," featuring renowned actors Arvind Krishna, Ashu Reddy, and Senha Gupta, under his production banner, Cinema Bandi Productions.The production is proactively working on 6 other big projects.

Horror enthusiasts and film aficionados, brace up for an exhilarating cinematic ride, says Srikanth Kandragula who is expecting to score a Pan India success with his maiden debut production. "Tantiram Chapter 1: Tales of Sivakasi," helmed by the talented Muthyala Meher Deepak, is all set to grace the silver screen on October 6th, 2023, in five languages, promising an unforgettable and spine-chilling experience.

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