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Fans Deeply Worried Over Chiru's Reunion With This Flop Director

15 Apr, 2024 16:40 IST|Sakshi Post
MegaStar Chiranjeevi posing with Director Meher Ramesh

A photo of megastar Chiranjeevi posing with director Meher Ramesh has sent shockwaves through the actor's fanbase. Fans are worried this could signal Chiranjeevi is considering reteaming with the much-maligned filmmaker after their previous collaboration, 2022's Bholaa Shankar, was universally panned.

Meher Ramesh got the golden opportunity to direct Chiranjeevi in Bholaa Shankar but squandered it badly. The film was so poorly received that trolls still have not stopped mocking it. Many questioned how Chiranjeevi put faith in Ramesh, whose prior movies were all flops.

The viral photo was taken when some members of the directors' association met Chiranjeevi on the set of his upcoming movie Vishwambhara. While some reacted with jokes, others expressed genuine concern that Chiranjeevi may make another misstep by hiring Ramesh again.

After the Bholaa Shankar disaster, Ramesh boldly claimed he would direct films with top stars Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan next, raising anxieties among their fans. While unsuccessful films happen, fans argue Ramesh's mistakes stood out as particularly egregious. They hope Chiranjeevi has learned his lesson and will avoid reteaming with the director after their previous letdown.

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