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Fan Murder Case: Star Hero Struggles with Jail Food

10 Jul, 2024 14:36 IST|Sakshi Post

Kannada actor Darshan has petitioned the High Court to allow him to have home-cooked meals, citing health issues caused by the jail food. Darshan, currently held at Prappana Agraharam Prison on a murder charge, stated that the prison food does not suit his taste and is causing him indigestion.

During his imprisonment, he was served essential meals such as Upma, rice, sambal, and buttermilk, which reportedly led to a sudden weight loss of 10 kg within a fortnight.

The court is set to consider his petition soon. Darshan's wife highlighted that he typically consumes meat regularly and is currently struggling with only being provided meat twice a week. She has requested permission for him to receive home-cooked food. Darshan was arrested in connection with the murder of his fan Renukaswamy and remains in prison.


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