Why Does Bandla Ganesh Want To Quit Twitter

15 Aug, 2021 15:48 IST|Sakshi Post

Actor-turned-producer Bandla Ganesh is well-known for his interviews and speeches especially during the launch of films and other filmi occasions. In the past, he has made many controversial statements, and his foot-in-the-mouth statements ranged from downright funny to controversial. His funny statements including the ‘blade comments’ are still used as memes on social media. A die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan Bandla Ganesh who stays active on social media recently made a startling statement on his Twitter account.

He stated that has now decided to quit the platform as he wants to stay away from all the controversies. Bandla Ganesh tweeted in Telugu and English which translated as  “I will say goodbye to Twitter soon. No controversies. I don’t want any controversies in my life.”

After his tweet on Saturday morning has left netizens asking him as to why he was planning to quit Social Media.  Though he hasn’t made any statements in the recent past, except for when he came out in support of Prakash Raj who had announced that he was contesting as President in the Movie Artists Association Elections. Even when he was speaking he had cautioned the media in his imitable style to not create any unnecessary controversies out of his statements which were well taken by the audience.

So if it is not the MAA Elections issue then what could be the reason for Ganesh to make such a statement or something that the viewers have missed reading in between the lines? We have to wait for Bandla Ganesh to come forward and give clarity in the coming days.

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