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Dirty Fellow Movie Review, Rating

24 May, 2024 15:57 IST|Sakshi Post

Cast: Simrithi Bathija, Nikkesha Rangwala, D Deepika Singh, Santhi Chandra

Dirty Fellow, an action drama with romantic and commercial elements, was released in theatres today. Directed by Adari Murthy Sai, the film has music done by Dr. Satish Kumar. What is the film about? What is its story like? Let's find out.


Mafia don JP (Nagineedu) and Shankar Narayana (Satya Prakash) have been great friends who make settlements together. When Shankar Narayana conspires to remove JP out of the way with the aim of becoming a mafia don, the story turns on its head. He tries to get JP caught by the police. Shankar Narayan's son dies while escaping from them. Shankar Narayana now turns furious. He warns JP that he will kill his son's nemesis alias Dirty Fellow (Shanti Chandra) himself.

Siddhu (Shanti Chandra) stays in the house of a priest in a village. He is a teacher. The priest's daughter Raga (Deepika Singh) falls in love with Siddhu. The village gets Chitra (Simrithi Bathija) to reach on organic farming. Shankar Narayana's henchman Poturaju has kept that cave and forest area secret. Siddhu kills Poturaju. Shankar Narayana will know that Siddhu and Dirty Fellow are one and the same. What happens next is a rollercoaster ride.


Dirty Fellow is a unique mafia movie. Family emotions in it are easy on the mind. Some twists in the movie are also impressive. The film lacks lag anywhere. Right from the start, the movie goes about its proceedings well. The story moves very fast in the first half with action, emotions and romance. The male lead's entry, the romance, the action and the heroines are impressive.

The director introduces the titular character at the beginning of the movie and then the story revolves around Siddhu. The question of Dirty Fellow's true identity hangs around. The director stokes the curiosity of the audience. Also, he made the character of the film in a different way.

A key character delivers a prominent twist. And in the second half, the story of the mafia don Dirty Fellow resumes. The swimming pool scene is thrilling. The twist given by JP in the climax is impressive.

Performances & Technical Departments:

Siddhu and Shanthi Chandra acted well. Each and every actor showed variations aplenty. Nagineedu impressed everyone with the character he got to play. Satya Prakash's villainy has been on the screen for a long time. Pothuraju's character is good. Deepika Singh, Nikkesha Rangwala, and Simrithi Bathija have done a nice job. The film is also technically on a strong footing.


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