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Controversial Video: Suchi on Dhanush, Aishwarya, GV Prakash and More!

14 May, 2024 17:03 IST|Sakshi Post

A viral video has stormed the internet where popular singer Suchitra made shocking claims and allegations. Suchitra, who is not new to controversies and known for 'Suchi Leaks' videos involving several Kollywood actors and their affairs, alleged that her former husband Karthik was gay. She further questioned what Dhanush and her former husband Karthik were doing inside room. She made startling allegations against Dhanush and also music composer GV Prakash who announced divorce with his wife and singer Saindhavi.

Suchitra spoke to Tamil magazine Kumudam’s YouTube channel in which she made these remarks. This video has gone viral and shaking the Tamil Film Industry, Kollywood.

Suchi claimed that Dhanush was having multiple affairs and known for partying with his friends till 3 am. She questioned what "substance" he was consuming at those parties with his pals. She also alleged that Dhanush's former wife Aishwarya Rajinikanth of allegedly dating other men even though she was married to Dhanush. This is not all.

Suchi alleged that Dhanush and GV Prakash are not normal. In the video, Suchitra alleged that the relationship between actor Dhanush and music composer GV Prakash is suspicious and labelled them as gay or bisexual. Additionally, she made comments about Saindhavi. Suchitra's statements and accusations have caused disruption in the Tamil film industry.

Coinciding with Suchitra's comments, GV Prakash and his wife Saindhavi announced their separation, raising questions about whether Suchitra's remarks are influencing or exacerbating the actors' personal lives. Similarly, Dhanush and his wife Aishwarya Rajnikanth have reportedly experienced strains in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Dhanush's fans are fuming against Suchitra. On the other hand, Suchitra's former husband and actor Karthik Kumar gave a strong counter. He said he wouldn't be ashamed if he was gay or bisexual. His video reaction against Suchitra is also going viral.

While Suchi's claims lack evidence, her statements are undeniably drawing attention, prompting questions about what is truly happening in the Tamil film industry. Dhanush has chosen not to respond to the accusations. It may be necessary for the 'Nadigar Sangam,' or the Actors' Association of the Tamil Film Industry, to intervene, as the industry's reputation is at stake with no actor stepping forward to address the issue.

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