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C.D Criminal or Devil Review

24 May, 2024 10:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Adah Sharma has been acting in Telugu cinema for a long time. She stars as the heroine opposite Vishwant, who plays the hero, in the movie "C.D Criminal or Devil." This film is directed by Krishna Annam and produced under the banner of SSCM Productions. The movie hit theaters today. Let's see how this movie fares.

The Story
Siddu (Vishwant) is home alone while his grandparents are away in the village. A maid (Jabardast Rohini) occasionally visits Siddu's house. Siddu is extremely afraid of ghosts. While he is alone, he watches a ghost movie titled "Devil," and becomes terrified that the ghost in the movie is coming to kill him. Meanwhile, a lady psycho named Raksha (Adah Sharma), who kidnaps girls, is creating fear in the community. The police are trying to catch her, but she continues to kidnap people. Eventually, Raksha targets Vishwant and stays in his house. The story unravels the mystery of Vishwant's troubles, why Adah Sharma's Raksha is involved, who is actually kidnapping the girls, and what the police ultimately do to resolve the situation.

Adah Sharma excels in the role of Raksha, instilling fear with her looks and delivering thrilling action sequences. Vishwant showcases his versatility, and his character stands out as a highlight of the movie. Rohini provides comic relief with her occasional appearances. Bharani impresses as a police officer. The rest of the characters don't leave a significant impact.

The director introduces a fresh concept for the movie, blending elements of horror, suspense, comedy, and thrill. However, the entire movie takes place in a single location, which might make the story feel less dynamic. Despite this, the director succeeds in making the film gripping and frightening. Some scenes might seem illogical initially, but their meaning is revealed by the end. The interval is particularly intriguing.

In the second half, the scenes between the hero and the heroine have a romantic touch. Rohini's comedy continues to entertain. The twist at the end is well-executed, especially the revelation about the missing girls in the city, which will surprise the audience.

The music is a strong point of the film, enhancing the mood and adding to the suspense and fear. The cinematography is commendable, and the editing is tight. The film was shot in fewer locations, providing a good return on investment for the producer. This movie seems particularly suited for OTT audiences.

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