Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6: RJ Suriya And Arohi Break Up

29 Sep, 2022 15:11 IST

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is grabbing the attention of the audience with the emotional drama contestants are displaying in the tasks given in the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestants are not giving up and putting all their efforts to win the tasks. With each passing day, contestants' equations are changing as per the tasks. Housemates are getting jealous if their partner is getting close to someone else.

Guess you understood who we are referring to! Yes, we are talking about RJ Suriya and Arohi. RJ Suriya and Arohi are having serious misunderstandings this week. Both are getting extremely insecure if any one of them is showing even the slightest of affection towards other contestants. Though they are trying to resolve their issue, it's just not working.

Arohi and RJ Suriya are friends outside the house, and the audience had high expectations that after entering the Bigg Boss house they might step out as a couple. 

This was also ratified with RJ Suriya and Arohi’s photos of them kissing and hugging went viral on social media platforms.

In the weekend episode, host Akkineni Nagarjuna also pointed out those photos and questioned them. Even Bigg Boss Telugu makers are giving more screen space to RJ Suriya and Arohi's chemistry.

Meanwhile, a section of the audience is fed up with RJ Suriya and Arohi's fights and are tagging Star Maa to stop showing their romance, which is irritating them. Netizens say that RJ Suriya and Arohi are intentionally doing a couple drama to escape elimination. This kind of couple matters is common in the Bigg Boss show.

Let us wait and watch whether host Nagarjuna will patch up the differences between RJ Suriya and Arohi for more action  to be followed folks!

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