Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Second Week Voting Trends

13 Sep, 2022 09:58 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 contestants are full of fire this week. They nominated each other for silly reasons, but the argument hit its peak. Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers are bored of hearing the reasons given by contestants during the nomination process. A few contestants are yet to start their game and have given illogical reasons for nominating housemates. 

Srihan and RJ Suriya are playing safe in the nomination tasks, while viewers are fed up with RJ Suriya's feminist lectures. Anyway, after long debates, the contestants whose names figure in the second-week nomination list are Revanth, Faima, Adi reddy, Marina, Rohit, Geetu Royal, Shani, Rajshekar, and Abhinaya. 

According to the unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu 6 voting results, Revanth Faima, Adi Reddy, and Rohit are in the safe zone. Marina, Geetu Royal, Shani,  Rajshekar, and Abhinaya are in the danger zone. 

As usual, Revanth and Faima are topping the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu voting results. Revanth is getting huge support from his fans and is topping trends on Twitter. Netizens say that contestants have been taunting Revanth since day one of the show, and so he is escaping eviction because of the sympathy votes. 

On the other hand, Geetu is grabbing the headlines for her bad manners and loose tongue. Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers want Geetu to get eliminated this week. But a section of the audience says that the makers might eliminate Abhinaya or Shani as they are not adding any content to the show. 

We all know that elimination is totally dependent on the voting result or the makers' decision. If the makers want controversial content, then they should eliminate contestants who are not giving any content. As of now, there were 21 contestants in the house and it would take time for viewers to decide which contestant deserves to stay in the house. 

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