Bigg Boss 16: Netizens Predict Priyankit Breakup

2 Dec, 2022 13:12 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 16  weekend episodes are always more interesting and fetch higher TRPs because of the host Salman Khan (Weekend Ke Vaar) and the elimination round.

This weekend is set to witness more drama as there is likely to be a big fight between Priyanka Chahar Choudary and Ankit Gupta. In the latest promo, Bigg Boss shows a video to Priyanka in which Ankit talks about her. "Game ke alawa kuch aur baat karti hi nahi hai, main toh yaar kuch bol bhi nahi sakta usko, main jab bolta hun… she says mujhe mat bata."

After reading the statement, Priyanka looks hurt and heartbroken. Ankit later attempts to speak, but Priyanka refuses to listen to him. Contestants were seen playing a task in which they had to throw dirty water on another person.

Following the release of the promo, a few netizens have predicted that the duo Priyankit would have a major fight and is likely to split up. 

Meanwhile, a few feel that Bigg Boss showed only one part of his conversation to grab eyeballs.

Meanwhile, speaking of nominations, as per Instagram pages, there will be no elimination this week. Netizens say that the crowd pullers and contestants were at the bottom, so Bigg Boss makers are trying to save them.

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