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Big Brother Review

24 May, 2024 10:24 IST|Sakshi Post

Director Rajamouli of Bhojpuri fame, Gosangi Subbarao, is making his re-entry in Telugu cinema after a long hiatus. His directorial action entertainer "Big Brother" hit the screens on May 24. Produced jointly by KS Shankar Rao and R. Venkateswara Rao under the Light House Cine Magic banner, the film features Siva Kanthanneni in the title role. Ganta Srinivasa Rao is the executive producer of this film, presented by G. Rambabu Yadav. Priya Hegde stars opposite Siva Kanthanneni as the heroine. Let's see how this movie is.

Shiva (Siva Kanthanneni) and Gauri (Priya Hegde) live in the same house. Despite being engaged for ten years, they are not yet married. Shiva's brother Surya (Sri Surya) faces an attack on his way home from college in Hyderabad, but Shiva saves him. Shiva warns Surya not to go out, citing danger, but Surya doesn't listen and goes out with Vadina. During one of his outings, Surya meets Pooja (Preeti) and they develop a liking for each other. Surya and Pooja are attacked, but Shiva believes the attack was meant for Surya. However, the attack was actually targeting Pooja. Surya and Shiva fend off the attack. The story then unravels who Pooja really is, who attacked her, Surya's connection to Pooja, Shiva's past, why he remains unmarried, and the role of Pooja's father, the Minister (Rajendra). All these questions are answered in the film.

Siva Kanthanneni plays the role of Shiva, showcasing a range of emotions such as love and anger, and impresses with his energy in action sequences. Surya's role, portrayed by Sri Surya, is a highlight of the film, evolving from a cowardly character in the first half to a mischievous college boy in the second half. Priya Hegde is beautiful as Gauri, while Preeti is glamorous as Pooja. The roles of Bhavani, Dev, and the Minister exhibit villainy effectively. Nanamma's character adds humor at various points.

The director has crafted this story to appeal to both family and youth audiences. The entire first half revolves around family dynamics, with emotions like the brotherly relationship, Sister in law, love and many relatable family moments, resonating well with the family audience. The comedy is well-executed, and the fights and songs are appropriately placed. The first half feels like a complete package, with the interval fight between the heroes standing out.

In the second half, the film delves into a flashback, focusing on college episodes that cater to the youth audience. The story maintains a good pace until the pre-climax, featuring the hero and heroine's bickering, the emergence of love, and conflicts with the heroine's father. Additionally, the family flashback, which explains why Shiva remains unmarried, is well-executed and emotionally engaging. The climax, featuring Shiva's struggle to win his brother's love and the final action sequence, is satisfying, culminating in a happy ending.

The music in "Big Brother" seems somewhat out of place, though the songs are enjoyable to watch. The cinematography enhances the visual appeal of the actors. The film's concise length prevents it from becoming tedious. The production costs appear to be modest. This movie is likely to appeal to audiences in B and C centers, as well as family audiences. Commercially, the result will become clear in a few days.

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