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Breakup Rumors Surface: Are Natasa and Hardik Pandya Heading for a Split?

22 May, 2024 16:59 IST|Sakshi Post

Trouble seems to be brewing in the marriage of Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasa Stankovic if the latest speculation on Reddit is to be believed. Fans are speculating that the star couple may have separated. A recent Reddit post titled "Natasa and Hardik separated?" has gained traction, citing several observations as potential signs of trouble in the couple's marriage.

The main points fuelling the speculation arise from Natasa's absence from Hardik's IPL matches this season and Hardik not publicly wishing Natasa a happy birthday on March 4th. Additionally, Natasa has removed "Pandya" from her Instagram name.

"Her birthday was on 4th March, and there was no post from Hardik on that day. Also, she isn't seen in stands this IPL or post stories regarding the team," the Reddit post stated.

One unverified claim states Hardik cheated and was spotted with another woman in London. However, others cautioned against premature speculation since Natasa has not deleted all photos with Hardik from her social media.

The couple faced excessive trolling earlier this year, with Natasa being on the receiving end of online bullying due to Hardik's IPL performance. This reportedly led Hardik to ask Natasa to avoid matches to shield her from further harassment.

Hardik and Natasa married on May 31, 2020 and welcomed their son Agastya on July 30 the same year. Their relationship seemed loving based on frequent affectionate posts.

Reddit users provide various perspectives, but the couple has not officially addressed the rumored marital issues. The speculation remains unconfirmed gossip for now

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