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Adivi Sesh's Cryptic Hint: What Lies Ahead in Dacoit?

14 Apr, 2024 18:03 IST|Sakshi Post

One of the finest actors in the Telugu film industry, Adivi Sesh has sparked excitement among fans with a cryptic comment about his character in the forthcoming movie Dacoit. The actor, currently tasked with shooting for his upcoming films G2 and Dacoit, responded to a fan's praise for portraying the negative character Munna in Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa.

In the reply, Sesh wrote, "Can't wait to show you Dacoit. Shoot… soon." This statement has led to speculation that his role in Dacoit will feature even more intense negative shades than his performance in Panjaa.

The fan's post on X (formerly Twitter) highlighted a video showcasing Sesh's acclaimed portrayal of the villainous Munna in Panjaa, commending the actor's ability to embody the character's dark nuances.

Sesh's response has generated significant buzz among moviegoers eagerly anticipating the actor's next challenging role. Known for his versatility and commitment to his craft, Sesh's hint at a potentially darker character has only heightened the anticipation surrounding Dacoit.

As details about the film's plot and Sesh's character remain under wraps, fans eagerly await further updates and the opportunity to witness the actor's talent in bringing complex, multi-layered characters to life on the silver screen.

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