Aditya Om’s Dahanam Trailer Strikes A Chord

27 Mar, 2023 20:54 IST|Sakshi Post

Actor Aditya Om needs no special introduction. Made his film debut with 'Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo', Aditya Om later acted in many Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films and made his mark as a hero and villain on the silver screen. In 2018, he made his directorial debut on an impressive note with the Hindi film Maassab. Aditya Om won the best actor award in two recent film festivals.

Aditya Om will next be seen in the social drama film Dahanam. Dr Satish Kumar Pethakamsetty is producing the movie under the banner of Open Field Media Murthy Sai, while Adari Murthy Sai is directing it. Adhinarayana K who acquired the theatrical rights will be releasing the movie. The makers launched the trailer of the movie during the grand pre-release event. The movie is slated for release on 31st of this month.

The trailer starts off with a thought-provoking dialogue uttered by Aditya Om: “Nithyam Aa Shivudi Dhyanam... Chinnappati Nundi Aa Shivudi Nama Smarana Thappa Naku Marokati Theliyadu… Samastha Jeevam Aayane… Ee Devalayame Naa Dehamani… Aa Shivude Naa Antharathma…” There is another stimulating dialogue in the trailer. “Chithilo Nuv Kalche Mantalu… Nenu Devudi Kosam Iche Harathi Velugu Roopam Okkate… Ardhaalu Veru…” As the trailer suggests the movie revolves around a Pujari (priest), Kaatikaapari (undertaker), and the landlord of the village. The narrative is so heart-touching and gives a strong message. Aditya Om lived in the character and makes us emotional with his terrific performance. FM Babai and Santhi Chandra shined in their respective roles as the undertaker and landlord. Satish Kumar’s background score is a big asset and he won an award for his work. Overall, the trailer strikes a chord with all sections of audiences.

YVS Chowdary said, “After the movie Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo, I did not meet Aditya much at film events. We used to meet outside. As we can see in the poster, he has shown conflict in the eyes and pupils. He acts according to the producers. He works with great dedication. The trailer looks very interesting. Everyone did a great job. I want the film to be successful.”

Aditya Om said, “Thanks to the media for supporting Dahanam. Movies come every Friday. But a film like Dahanam comes for five or ten years. Thanks to our director and producers who made this movie brilliantly. They took a big risk. This is not a commercial project. It’s a movie made with passion.”

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