What To Do in Case of Car ot Two Wheeler Accidents

28 Mar, 2023 17:27 IST|Sakshi Post

​​Whether an accident is minor or major, it is always a serious issue. According to estimates, 55 traffic accidents happen in India every 60 minutes. We reside in a nation where accidents occur frequently. Hence, it's important to know the fundamentals of what to do and what to avoid when entangled in a traffic collision.

There is small caution that you should always be on the watchful when operating a two-wheeler. 

Even though driving a car is risky, one can occasionally let their guard down. However, when operating a two-wheeled vehicle, you can't afford to let your guard down because you need to be on the lookout for sudden lane changes, sand patches, railroad tracks, potholes, and other potential road hazards. Also, you must keep an eye out for other motorcyclists.

Weather alert: Try not to drive during bad weather or stormy weather. Roads become slick/dusty as a result of the rain or bad weather, which raises the possibility of traffic accidents. Avoid riding in inclement weather, and if you must, make sure you have the proper rain gear packed.

Let’s start with the do post road accident: 

Examine your bruises 
Try to inspect yourself for additional injuries as soon as you are feeling okay. Move your arms and legs to look for any areas that might be wounded as not all wounds will definitely bleed. 

 Attempt to Stop the Bleeding 
First of all examine that if you have been injured.If you see a wound that is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding by tying a cloth one inch above the wound. It will also assist to immediately press a piece of cloth on top of the wound. Try to use your palm instead of your fingers as they might be stressed. 

 Request Assistance 
Shouting "help" repeatedly is the first action you should do if you realise that more people are hurt in an accident. Locals would arrive at an accident scene first. 

Make three calls. 
Medical assistance should be sought first. The police are contacted again in order to report the accident, and the insurance hotline is contacted in order three.

Now let us focus on the don’t 

Don't flee the scene quickly or at high speed. 
Never (we cannot stress this enough, NEVER) run from an accident scene, regardless of how minor it may be. The worst part is that you are letting victims who can be saved die. Also, if you flee, you will undoubtedly be charged with Hit and Run. Prison time could ensue from this.

Don't Stress 
Yeah, the situation is grave. Yet, you can only attempt to assist people if you maintain composure and clear thinking.

There is no one to blame for the accident. 
Never try to blame anyone for something bad that happened , maybe it is your negligence or the opposite person negligence.The accident may have left you with damages and injuries. Blaming the other person, however, will simply exacerbate the anxiety that the accident has already brought about.

There are few do’s and don’t those are mentioned in the above article.

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