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Dave Bautista says Chris Pratt, Millie Bobby Brown helped him adopt dog

3 Mar, 2024 13:30 IST|Sakshi Post

Los Angeles, March 3 (IANS) Actor Dave Bautista adopted his pet pup Talulah with the help of his celebrity friends Chris Pratt and Millie Bobby Brown.

Bautista shared the story of how he adopted one of his four dogs, Talulah, a pitt bull, on The Tonight Show, reports

According to the actor, his 'Guardians of the Galaxy' co-star Pratt was shooting for 'The Electric State' with Brown, when he “got wind” that the actress was trying to help find Talulah a forever home.

Bautista, an ardent animal lover, told host Jimmy Fallon that Pratt "hit me up and he said, 'I know you’re a fan of this breed, and my co-star is trying to adopt her out'."

“And I said, ‘I’m sorry man, you know I’ve already got three…I just kept looking at her picture, and I was just… I just fell in love with her.”

Bautista decided to bring his new four-legged friend home.

“He said, ‘Well let me hook you up with my co-star, Millie,’ and I said, ‘Wait a minute - Millie Bobby Brown?’ " Bautista recalled, adding that his reaction was, “No way!”

Bautista added: “I like telling people this story. It sounds weird to me when I say, ‘And Chris Pratt hit me up, and I got my dog, you know, from Millie Bobby Brown'."

He added: “I sound, like, super Hollywood.”

Bautista said he was also working on a film at the time and would take the puppy in a week, to which Brown said: “Don’t worry about it, I’ll have someone drop her off.”

“So literally the day I got home… I was overseas in Rome … I got home, and I was there, and I waited, and these two guys showed up, like, in the middle of the night. They drove her down from Atlanta, and dropped her off, and I took her in,” he said.

“She’s been with me ever since.”

Disclaimer: This story has not been edited by the Sakshi Post team and is auto-generated from syndicated feed.

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