Khammam: Woman Records As Friend Molests Housemaid, Later They Blackmail Victim With Video

1 Feb, 2021 16:47 IST|Sakshi Post

Atrocities in the town of Khammam

Guests who have committed atrocities on the maid

The female owner who took the video

The woman who took the video is the owner of the house.

The Victim was threatened and blackmailed.

Police have registered a case against the five defendants.

Palwancha (Khammam): A woman was drugged and raped in the town's Teachers' Colony. She worked as a housemaid where a man whom she worked for molested, drugged, and raped her. A video was taken of this incident and she was blackmailed and threatened. The incident came to light when the victim approached the police.

A case was registered against five people on Sunday in the affair. According to the police report, a woman is working as a maid in the house of Kalva Kalavati of the Teachers' Colony in the town. Syed Hussain, Kalva Rama Rao, Kalva Sumathi, and Ubbana Manikyam came to Kalavati's house on January 13.

At that time the maid was going home after finishing the day's chores. Kalavati suggested her to have some tea and go. The tea was already filled with drugs. Unsuspectingly the maid drank the tea and fainted. Syed Hussain then raped the maid and Kalavati took the video. The victim, who recovered after a while, was stunned to learn of the atrocity. After the victim came to from the drug effect, they threatened her to keep quiet about the matter or that they would put the videos on the internet.

The victim was harassed for a few days to provide Rs 5 lakhs. The victim then lodged a complaint with the police. SI Ratheesh has registered cases against five persons. Syed Hussein arrested for rape. Information about this got out and now the others involved are on the run.

Similarly, earlier also a businessman has been threatened the same way. The woman who took the video also threatened the businessman from the Market‌ area who was previously caught in her trap.

According to police, Kalavati, the accused in the case, had threatened a trader in the past. She had a physical relationship with a trader from the Market‌ area and demanded Rs 10 lakhs for taking videos without his knowledge in private. He was blackmailed that she would post the videos on social media if he did not pay enough. Police registered a case against Kalavati in September last year following a complaint by the trader. Based on the woman's cell phone data, police found that others were also caught in her trap.

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