Hyderabad: Depressed Man Ends Life Over Child in Kukatpally

19 May, 2021 15:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Depressed over not having a child, Kukatpally man commits suicide in neighbor’s house.

Hyderabad: In a tragic incident, a depressed man allegedly committed suicide after discovering that he wouldn't be able to have children, in the Kukatpally Police limits here, on Tuesday.

Getting into the details, the victim Rahul (34) and Ramya were married for more than a year and the couple was still childless. They were living in an apartment in Vasant Nagar at KPHB Colony.

As a result, both the husband and wife were depressed about their inability to have children. They consulted several doctors to bear children but to no avail. Rahul also suffered from psychosis on a regular basis.

On Monday, his wife requested that he visit a fertility centre along with her. Enraged at being asked, Rahul stormed out of the house. Ramya who was worried, waited for his return all night. Early in the morning, she heard loud noises from her neighbor’s house. As she rushed to the neighboring house, she was shocked to see her husband hanging at her neighbor’s house.

Rahul had apparently committed suicide by hanging himself from the kitchen ceiling fan in the neighboring house.

Kukatpally police rushed to the scene after receiving information about the incident. They questioned Ramya and the neighbors to ascertain as to why he had committed such a drastic act and filed a case.

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