How R Ashwin's Innovative Deliveries Saved The Day For India

10 Mar, 2021 11:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Ravichandran Ashwin stood out as a unique spinner in the recently ended test series against England. He was instrumental in maintaining consecutive series win of the Indian team on its soil. After exploring a few changes of actions he has surprised the world of cricket with his innovative deliveries which have kept batsmen at bay.

The new bowling action to which Ashwin has resorted was unforeseen. Some have resorted to writing caustic comments on the type of pitches which harboured just ended test series against England. They have even come up with a new term 'pitch fixing' to blame the pitch curators and those who are responsible for its preparations. But when we compare these matches to the matches played in Australia, Ashwin was bowling with the same venom in both the series. The turn, pace and propelling of the ball off the pitch is almost similar. He can never be compared to any famous spin bowlers of the past or present, for, his deliveries are unique in their own way.

Ashwin has his own trajectory which deceives the batsmen and vicious turn which beats their neck. His carrom ball deliveries are playing havoc and proving to be disastrous for the batsmen around the world. According to Virat Kohli, Ashwin is the best spinner in the world today. Arguably he is best among the present-day spin bowlers.

Ashwin not only sticks to the basics but also keeps studying batsmens' stance and weaknesses, and design his deliveries accordingly. A quality spinner will have a very good loop and pace in the air which gives the batsmen the least time to decide his course of action. He delivers the ball with good r.p.m. (number of rotations per minute) and keep varying the line, length and pitches the ball on right areas depending on the batsmen. Ashwin has the combination of all the above to make him a deceptive bowler.

Needless to state that there are more feathers coming on the way to decorate his cap. Hope his bowling will further bring the mighty cricket teams around the world to their knees. ICC has rated him as the best test spinner in India. Ashwin has contributed with his bat saving a few matches including the one at Australia which ended in a tame draw. He has a few centuries to his credit which makes selectors bank on him in times of crisis.

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