Chris Hemsworth shows off muscles wearing nothing but towel

8 Dec, 2023 14:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Los Angeles, Dec 8 (IANS) Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth sent fans pulses racing as he took to Instagram sharing a video of him wearing nothing but a towel.

The former superhero's ripped body was on full-display in a newly posted clip he shared of his pals pranking him fresh out of the shower, reports

In the video, the Hollywood star was singing to himself while exiting his bathroom when a group of his friends set up a camera and jumped out of the shadows to scare him.

As per, the actor visibly sprung in surprise then doubled over in laughter. The 40-year-old star playfully captioned the video: "Who needs enemies when you’ve got mates like this.”

The actor’s fans went wild for the clip gushing over how incredible Chris' shirtless body looked and making hilarious comments about the towel wrapped around his waist. One fan cheekily wrote: "The real enemy here is that towel..." And another agreed: "Anyone else thinking/wishing that towel would drop?"

The fun-loving post comes as the actor recently announced that he is undergoing some major lifestyle changes including "slowing down" on this career and taking on fewer roles in the future to prioritise his health.

This life update comes as the recently revealed in National Geographic and Disney+ docuseries, ‘Limitless’ that he is at "very high risk" of suffering from Alzheimer's. In the series, it was revealed that the former ‘Avengers’ actor is "eight to 10 times more likely" to battle the progressive disease than most of the population as he is one of only two to three percent of people worldwide who have two copies of the gene APOE4. In order to combat this, Chris has shared that he is working on practicing mindfulness, getting more sleep, taking ice baths, and taking more time to himself.

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