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'Bulawa Tolis' to be activated in booths with low voting percentages in UP

19 May, 2024 18:35 IST|Sakshi Post

Lucknow, May 19 (IANS) To increase the voting percentage in Uttar Pradesh, the Election Commission has issued instructions to form ‘Bulawa Toli’ for all the remaining phases of the Lok Sabha election.

The ‘Bulawa Tolis’ will include BLOs, local-level ASHA and Anganwadi workers, Yuvak Mangal Dal, and Panchayat-level personnel.

‘Bulawa Tolis’ will be activated in the control rooms established in the district and the booths with low voting percentages.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently encouraged workers in Varanasi to increase the voting percentage through ‘Bulawa Tolis’.

For the remaining three phases, the Election Commission has issued directives to ensure fearless, fair, and peaceful voting. District Election Officers have been provided necessary guidelines for this purpose.

UP Chief Electoral Officer Navdeep Rinwa said on Sunday that instructions have been given to increase voter awareness activities and programs for the remaining phases of the Lok Sabha election.

He said that the ‘Bulawa Toli’ is part of this initiative.

He said that voter assistance booths will be set up at each polling station, ensuring the presence of BLOs and the availability of voter lists. BLOs will not be assigned duties elsewhere; instead, they will remain on duty themselves and their sons, husbands, or relatives will not replace them. Voters who have not received voter information slips for any reason can check their names in the available voter list at the polling station.

The Chief Election Officer said that polling parties and sector magistrates should be instructed not to send back voters on voting day if they have not brought their voter information slip for any reason. Voters who bring slips issued by political parties should also be allowed to vote. Polling parties have been instructed to ensure that if voters have minor differences in identification documents, provided by the voter and the details mentioned in the voter list, they would be allowed to vote.

On voting day, all personnel and security forces on election duty have been directed to behave properly with the voters. If someone is going to the booth with their family in their vehicle, they should be allowed to reach the designated spot and should not be stopped by the police.

The Chief Electoral Officer further mentioned that there should be proper signage regarding information about each polling booth, water facilities, toilets etc. at the entrance of the polling station. Each polling station should have at least the minimum necessary facilities available. There should be arrangements of shade for voters queuing up at the polling stations. There should be no disruption in power supply on the day of polling so that the voting process is not affected.

To protect people from heat stroke, each polling station should have paramedics and ASHA workers with enough ORS and medical kits available. The sector team should also have a paramedic available for use if needed.

Additionally, all polling stations should have cool drinking water, toilets, and facilities like wheelchairs and chairs for the elderly and disabled.

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