Hunt Is A Very Engaging Thriller: Sudheer Babu

24 Jan, 2023 14:39 IST|Sharada

Nitro Star Sudheer Babu is leaving no stone unturned to promote his upcoming film Hunt. The thriller will hit the screens on January 26th, 2023. He reveals that shooting the stunts in Paris didn't take longer than five days. An Indian crew would have taken much longer - say 25 working days. Renaud Favero and Bryan Viger of the Marvel universe and 'John Wick 4' fame mounted terrific action scenes.

In his latest interview, Sudheer Babu spoke about the action thriller.

How do you describe your movie?

First and foremost, Hunt is a highly engaging thriller. The characters are layered. Director Mahesh Surapaneni has narrated the story with so much conviction.

Premisthe fame Bharath is making a comeback to Telugu cinema. Whose idea was it to cast him?

It was the director's choice to rope in Bharath. The director wanted an actor who would pull off a cop character well. Even if it is a small character, one should leave a strong impact on the audience. This is the first time that I and Bharath have shared the screen space. Our combo scenes will be refreshing. Srikanth garu has also done a nice job as my superior in the police department.

Any plans of releasing the film in Tamil?

We are planning to release it in Tamil a week after the Telugu release. It purely depends upon the reception here. Depending on how well Hunt is received by the audience, we also have plans to turn it into an action franchise.

What do you do on the release date of your films?

I feel very nervous. I am scared and I can't sleep due to the anxiety and tension. I don't travel anywhere but I wait patiently to hear a response from the audience. No matter how hard an actor works, the result is not in his hands. My previous film Ammayi Guruinche Neeku Chepali had nice content. But we couldn't go a long way due to the release date. The film did well in OTT. People loved it. 

Is there any particular moment that you are waiting for the fans to watch in theatres?

I am waiting to hear the audience's response. Nothing more than that for now. The story of Hunt is thrilling. I want to see the audience's reaction. The film came out well. The new role in Hunt would be accepted by fans and the audience. So far, we have only received a positive response from everyone in our circle.

How about the action scenes?

They have come out really well. I didn't use ropes and all. I was prepared and the stunt masters conceived superb action scenes.

When are you going to work with Mahesh Babu?

I hope it happens soon. I would feel lucky If I get a chance to work with Mahesh Babu. His next film SSMB29 will be directed by SS Rajamouli. I am excited about that movie.

You have been passionate about doing a Pullela Gopichand biopic. When is it happening?

It is going to take time. I have got a handful of films in hand. Earlier, we planned to make a Gopichand biopic in two parts. But now, plans have changed.

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