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Black magic being performed through Aghoris against CM & me: Shivakumar

30 May, 2024 20:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Bengaluru, May 30 (IANS) Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar stated on Thursday that political opponents are performing black magic through ‘Aghoris’ and ‘tantriks’ at a temple in Kerala against him and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. He added that it is an attempt against their government.

Speaking to reporters, Shivakumar said he has credible information that a yagya (special worship) is being conducted by ‘Aghoris’ in an isolated place near the Rajarajeshwari temple in Kerala. “The ritual is underway and is being conducted against me, the CM, and to destabilize the Congress government,” he reiterated.

The main objective of the yagya is to eliminate enemies, and the ritual is called ‘Raja Kantaka’ and ‘Marana Mohana Stambhana’ yagyas. Those participating in the ritual informed about this development, Shivakumar stated.

He said that through the Aghoris, 21 red goats, three buffaloes, 21 black sheep, and five pigs are being sacrificed for black magic.

When asked if leaders from the BJP or JD-S are carrying out this ritual, Shivakumar maintained that politicians from Karnataka are responsible. “I know who is conducting this ritual. Let them continue their efforts; I don’t bother. It is left to their belief system. Despite their attempts and experiments to cause harm, the force which I believe in will protect me,” he said.

Replying to a question about whether he will conduct a counter-worship to this ritual, Shivakumar stated, “I pray to God for a minute every day before going to work.” When pressed to name the persons carrying out such a ritual, Shivakumar suggested that the media investigate rather than force him to reveal names.

Shivakumar added, “Why would I bother about it? It is their attempt. It is their belief. No matter what they attempt, the forces we believe in will protect us.”

Shivakumar announced that on June 2, there will be a legislators' meeting in Bengaluru. All MLCs, MLAs, and MPs will be invited. The meeting will discuss party matters and the MLC election, he said.

Regarding the MLC election, Shivakumar stated, “Among 300 aspirants, 65 have been shortlisted based on various criteria. The high command sought our opinion, and we have provided it.”

He mentioned that there was a commitment to give Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s son, Dr Yathindra, an MLC post since he vacated his MLA seat for his father. Prominent leaders, including those who were defeated in the election, have sought tickets. Aspirants who sacrificed their seats will also be considered. Representation will be given to regions like Kalyana Karnataka, Mumbai Karnataka, coastal, and central Karnataka. It is not possible to give priority only to Bengaluru, he added.

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