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Bengaluru Police confirm Telugu actor Hema's presence at farmhouse rave party

21 May, 2024 13:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Bengaluru, May 21 (IANS) Bengaluru Police Commissioner B. Dayananda stated on Tuesday that popular Telugu actor Hema was present at the rave party in Bengaluru where drugs were seized.

Speaking to reporters here, the Police Commissioner confirmed that actress Hema had attended the rave party which was raided by police on Monday. "

Earlier, Hema had made a video in Bengaluru claiming that she was in Hyderabad, denying her presence at the rave party.

“She was present in the rave party. We are investigating the circumstances under which she made the video at the Bengaluru farmhouse,” the Police Commissioner stated.

Sources said, "Hema was present at the rave party and, after the raid, pleaded with police officers and cried, asking them not to reveal her identity to the media. Under the pretext of visiting the restroom, she sneaked out and recorded a video from the premises of the same farmhouse where the rave party was held."

In the video released on Monday, Hema claimed that she had not gone anywhere and was chilling at a farmhouse in Hyderabad. “Do not believe the news about me attending a rave party in Bengaluru,” she appealed. However, police sources confirmed that she made the video at the Bengaluru farmhouse that was raided. Police also stated that they had photos of Hema wearing the same dress as in the video while attending the party.

Police Commissioner Dayanand said that no elected representatives were present at the rave party. Blood samples of the participants have been collected. “The rave party was organised in the Electronics City region and was titled ‘Sunset to Sunrise Victory.’ More than 101 persons attended the party,” he stated.

“MDMA, cocaine, hydro ganja, and other substances were used. A case has been registered at the Electronics City police station regarding this,” Dayanand stated.

Sources said that the arrested persons have been identified as Y.M. Arunkumar, Raj, L. Vasu, and D. Nagababu. The Anti-Narcotics Wing of the CCB was awaiting the test results of blood samples and preparing to call in the participants who tested positive for drug consumption for questioning.

The organizer had flown over 25 people from Andhra Pradesh to Bengaluru for the event. The cops found a pass belonging to an Andhra Pradesh MLA in one of the cars parked at the farmhouse.

The party, involving techies and Telugu actors, was held at the G.M. Farmhouse in the Singena Agrahara area near Electronics City. Investigations revealed that an individual from Hyderabad organised the party under the pretext of a birthday celebration.

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