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Apoorva Arora's haircare formula: Carrot-cucumber smoothie; methi-kalaunji hair pack

24 May, 2024 17:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, May 24 (IANS) Actress Apoorva Arora, who has been receiving a lot of positive responses for her recently released streaming series 'Family Aaj Kal', has shared her hair care routine with IANS.

The actress shared she likes to include amla, beetroot, carrot and cucumber smoothie in her diet to ensure the rich texture of her hair.

She told IANS, "Soaked almonds and walnuts are also an important part of my diet."

Talking about what products she applies to her hair, she said, "My mother makes hair packs for me using fenugreek and onion seeds. And one using bananas and eggs. I also try to not style my hair using heat as much as possible."

Recently, the actress attended the Adishakti workshop at Auroville.

She spoke about her routine at the workshop, and said that it has given her a deeper understanding of herself as an artiste.

She earlier told IANS that the workshop not only enhanced her acting skills but has also provided her with a deeper understanding of herself as an artiste. She called it a "truly life-changing experience".

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