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YS Jagan Again in 2024: Fresh Survey on AP Elections

29 Feb, 2024 15:06 IST|Sakshi Post

AP Opinion Polls Predict YSRCP Win: A series of opinion polls have predicted a landslide victory for the ruling YSRCP in the forthcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh. The surveys have shown that regardless of opposition TDP-Janasena alliance, chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will lead his party to a massive victory as he enjoys the unwavering support of the electorate. Two more recent pre-poll surveys are also forecasting that YSRCP will secure a huge victory in the elections.  

Riding high on the pro-people welfare agenda, the ruling YSRCP is set to demolish the opposition in the upcoming polls in the state. Chief minister YS Jagan’s term in office has been free of corruption. Nearly, 90 percent of the population are receiving the benefits through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). 

Zee News-MATRIZE Lok Sabha Opinion Poll (Lok Sabha 2024 seats) :

YSRCP : 19

TDP+   :  6

BJP   :  0

Congress  :  0

The ruling party is determined to achieve its goal of winning all the 175 assembly constituencies in the polls. CM YS Jagan has given a ‘Why not 175?’ slogan to the party cadre and the party has said it’s ready (Siddham) to take on the opposition parties in the elections. 

Echoing the sentiment of the people of Andhra Pradesh, pollster Zee News-MATRIZE has predicted that the YSRCP will secure 19 seats in the Lok Sabha polls while TDP will be restricted to only 6 seats. Congress and BJP will have a zero impact in the general elections. 

Similarly, Janadhar India, election management company, has predicted YSRCP will win 125 seats in the Assembly elections scoring a vote share of 49.2% while TDP-JanaSena alliance will be confined to 50 seats (with 46.3% vote share). 

Janadhar India  Assembly Opinion Poll (Assembly polls 2024 seats) :

YSRCP : 125 (49.2%)

TDP+   :  50 (46.3%)

BJP   :  0 (1.1%)

Congress  :  0 (1.3%)

Ruling YSRCP will secure victory in 17 seats and TDP-Janasena combine will manage to win 8 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, according to Janadhar India’s survey report. The survey agency added that both the national political parties BJP and Congress are expected to score zero seats in the Lok Sabha elections in the state. 

Janadhar India  Lok Sabha Opinion Poll (Lok Sabha 2024 seats) :

YSRCP : 17

TDP+   :  8

BJP   :  0  

Congress  :  0 

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