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Vahan to Replace E-Pragati; One Website for All Transport Services

10 Jul, 2024 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh state government plans to bring a new website, Vahan

Vahan to replace existing E-Pragati

The government claims it to be a one-stop for all the Transport Department Services

NTR Krishna district is currently considered a pilot project for Vahan

All the Transport department services in Andhra Pradesh will soon be unified under a single website. Officials are working diligently to make the Vahan website, developed and implemented nationwide by the central government, accessible to vehicle owners.

Using the NTR Krishna district as a pilot project, the state government officials are identifying and addressing technical issues encountered during website management. If successful, the current e-Pragati site utilized by the transport department will be fully replaced, and all services will be provided exclusively through 'Vahan' across the state.

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