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Rewind 2023: AP State Welfare in Full Swing under CM YS Jagan's Leadership

28 Dec, 2023 16:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Massive Housing Initiative: Government Delivers Homes to the Needy

Inclusive Welfare: SC, ST, BC, and Minority Communities Reap Rewards

Agricultural Boost: Chief Minister Inaugurates YSR Yantra Seva Kendras

Financial Empowerment: Government Repays Loans, Boosts Livelihoods

Education for All: Amma Vodi and Vidya Kanuka Transform Students' Lives

Interest-Free Assistance: YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme Benefits Self-Help Groups

Tech for Education: Tablets Distributed to Students, Fee Reimbursement Ensured

Jagananna Vasathi Deevena: Government Supports Students Pursuing Higher Education

Financial Aid Across Sectors: Jagananna Chedodu, Thodu, and Videshi Vidya Deevena

Cultural and Professional Support: YSR Kalyanamasthu, Matsyakara Bharosa, and Law Nestham

New Additions to Welfare: Civil Services Protsahakam and Nethanna Nestham

Government's Financial Commitment: Breakdown of Funds Allocated in Various Schemes

Empowering Lives: Government's Multifaceted Approach to Social and Economic Development

Amaravati, Dec 28: The year has witnessed the full-scale implementation of welfare programs, meticulously adhering to the calendar. All elements of social justice and economic empowerment have become natural ingredients of these programs, ensuring that the intended beneficiaries receive every rupee transparently.

The Social Security pensions under YSR Pension Kanuka have been particularly noteworthy, with the amount being disbursed on the first day of the month, symbolically knocking on the door with the sunrise. The government has handed over 7.43 lakh Jagananna Colony houses to the poor, along with 13,936 TIDCO houses to beneficiaries. House site pattas have also been distributed to 50,793 poor women beneficiaries in the R-5 zone, covering Guntur and NTR districts.

Members of the SC, ST, BC, and minority communities, along with EWS, have received significant benefits, with a substantial portion allocated under schemes like YSR Aasara, Amma Vodi, and YSR Rythu Bharosa. More than 54 lakh SC, ST, BC, and minority farmers have received Rs. 7365.19 crore under various farmers’ welfare schemes.

In an effort to boost the farm sector, the Chief Minister inaugurated 4019 YSR Yantra Seva Kendras, and 2562 tractors, 100 combine harvesters, and 3573 farm machines were handed over to 10,778 RBKs-attached farmers’ groups. Additionally, the government has repaid bank loans worth Rs. 6,419.89 crore under YSR Aasara, benefiting 78.94 lakh women belonging to 7,98,395 self-help groups.

Mothers of 83,15,341 students from Class 1 to XII (Intermediate) have received Rs. 6,392.94 crore under Amma Vodi, aimed at reducing dropout rates and increasing the GER in schools.

As a supplement to YSR Aasara, the government has paid Rs. 1353.76 crore towards interest reimbursement under YSR Sunna Vaddi (zero interest) Scheme, benefiting 1,05,13,365 women members of 9.48 lakh rural and urban self-help groups.

Jagananna Vidya Kanuka kits worth Rs. 1042.53 crore were distributed to 43,10,165 students in government and aided schools, and tabs worth Rs. 620 crore were distributed to 4,34,285 students and teachers of Class VIII. Fee reimbursement of Rs. 2082.12 crore was provided under Jagananna Vidya Deevena, benefiting 9.95 lakh students.

An amount of Rs. 912.71 crore was spent on Jagananna Vasathi Deevena towards boarding and lodging charges for 9,55,662 students pursuing degree, polytechnic, ITI, Engineering, and Medicine courses. Under YSR EBC Nestham, the government disbursed Rs. 658.60 crore, benefiting 4,39,068 poor women aged 45 to 60 years belonging to EWS, and Rs. 536.77 crore towards Kapu Nestham, benefiting 3,57,844 women of Kapu, Balija, Telaga, and Vontari communities.

The government has also disbursed Rs. 655.17 crore under Jagananna Chedodu, providing financial assistance to 3,30,145 eligible Rajakas, Nayee Brahmins, and tailors, and Rs. 955.73 crore under Jagananna Thodu towards interest-free bank loans, benefiting 5.10 lakh petty traders and artisans. Additionally, Rs. 15.17 crore was disbursed towards the reimbursement of interest, providing financial assistance to 13.28 lakh beneficiaries who obtained and repaid loans promptly.

The government paid Rs. 108.57 crore, benefiting around 400 students pursuing higher education abroad under Videshi Vidya Deevena, implemented afresh this year. Rs. 100.50 lakh was disbursed, benefiting 106 civil service aspirants pursuing UPSC examinations under Jagananna Civil Services Protsahakam, a new addition to the welfare list this year.

Furthermore, the government disbursed Rs. 348.70 crore under YSR Kalyanamasthu and Shadi Tohfa, benefiting 35,500 married girls, Rs. 285.38 crore under YSR Matsyakara Bharosa for fishermen, including those who lost their livelihoods due to ONGC activity. Additionally, Rs. 194 crore was provided to members of the weavers’ community under Nethanna Nestham, and Rs. 15.12 crore to junior lawyers under YSR Law Nestham. A sum of Rs. 216.34 crore was allocated for those who initially missed out on welfare benefits.

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