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Rave Party Controversy: Kakani Slams Opposition for Smear Campaign 

20 May, 2024 19:31 IST|Sakshi Post

Nellore: Andhra Pradesh Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy has strongly denied any involvement in the rave party incident in Bengaluru. A section of media friendly with the opposition TDP started targeting the minister claiming a car bearing a sticker with his name was found at the scene.

Speaking to the media, Kakani condemned the misinformation campaign against him and said, "I have nothing to do with that car or the owner of the car." He criticised attempts to defame him over the unauthorised use of his name on the vehicle. He also said that a complaint has been filed with the police against the accused persons for using the MLA sticker xerox without his knowledge.

The minister alleged that the opposition TDP and its supportive media outlets are behind the false propaganda. He said the TDP resorted to these tactics as it was fearing a humiliating defeat in the just concluded assembly and Lok Sabha elections. "TDP leaders and their pro-media are spreading false propaganda against me out of fear of defeat in the recent elections," he said.

The Bengaluru Anti-Narcotic Bureau has registered a case in connection with the rave party. He expressed hope that after the thorough investigation, action will be taken against the responsible persons. 

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